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Plantar Fasciitis - Collier Chiropractic

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by Collier Chiropractic & Accidents Rehabilitation Center

From the desk of Dr Bradley Frick Chiropractor Naples:



Plantar Fasciitis - Many people have it, not many people know how to treat it.  Chiropractic offers many different treatments, from adjustments, trigger point therapy, ultrasound, and strengthening exercises.  Chiropractors dont just treat the spine.  Many extremity ailments in the arms. wrist, ankle, knees, hips, shoulders and feet can be assessed and treated by the chiropractic profession.  
See this link about plantar fascitis.  

Neck Pain

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by Collier Chiropractic & Accidents Rehabilitation Center



From the desk of Bradley Frick - Chiropractor - Naples


If you suffer from neck pain, it can cost you hours of sleep and time at work.  It can also be a large cause of headaches and pain that extends into the shoulders and midback.  Chiropractic care can help with these issues, and some additional advice can help with the pain between appointments.


Come ask us more on how we can help you today.  Make an appointment for a free consultation and see what options you have.  See ths article on Neck Pain


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