Accident Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Nov 5, 2014

When we experience an auto accident an ambulance arrives at the scene and based on the extent of your visible injuries you are bandaged up on sight or taken to the hospital, but what about the injuries that they cannot see?

One of the most common injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, whiplash, generally occurs when a vehicle is struck from behind. During a vehicle accident of this type an individual’s neck is suddenly snapped forward and then back, this is referred to as a cervical acceleration-deceleration injury.

There is often no visible sign of a whiplash injury, and initially the pain is not severe. This often causes most people to avoid seeking help. When they do seek help their primary physician often prescribes pain killers and a neck brace. While this will reduce your pain, it will not treat or repair your injury. If you have been suffering the above symptoms for more than six months after your auto accident you may develop Whiplash syndrome. It is important that the proper testing be provided to prevent future problems that can develop if s condition is not properly diagnosed and treated.

Symptoms of Whiplash after an Auto Accident

  • Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pain
  • Stiffness in the back and neck
  • Headaches
  • A feeling of pins & needles

Accident Physical Therapy for the Treatment of Auto Injury & Whiplash

Early physical rehabilitation is recommended in the recovery of your auto accident. A 2004 study concluded that early physical therapy after a whiplash diagnosis has a more successful outcome than collar therapy.

If you have been injured in an auto accident our physical therapy team will create a treatment plan that repairs and strengthens damaged tissue. The Accident Physical Therapy team of Collier Chiropractic & Accident Rehabilitation Center treats the underlying injury, not just the symptoms. Testing for damage due to an auto accident may include X-rays, mri scans, ct scan, and a nerve test to reveal the true extent of the injury. We know that when you have been injured in an auto accident you need to get back to your daily activity level as soon as possible. Our professional accident physical therapy team is committed to getting your back to your old self as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Experienced, Professional, Caring

Car accident injuries may not appear immediately, and in some cases they may not affect you for months after an auto accident. Your primary physician and hospital staff are not specifically trained to detect injuries without visible signs. Chiropractors are trained to detect and treat these types of injuries.


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Treating the pain caused from car accidents in Naples, Florida

Our physical therapy professionals are also experienced in providing massage therapy as an additional treatment to your accident physical therapy. Trigger point therapy and deep neuromuscular massage to help you return to full mobility.


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