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Apr 27, 2016

Making Your Back Adjustments Last

Going to the chiropractor every week for the rest of your life isn’t right for anyone.
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It would be time consuming, costly and  just, plain silly.  But, after a back adjustment, you just feel so good!  You might feel like your joints are more lubricated.  Your muscles are less tense, and you might feel like you’ve got enough energy to do what you love!

But, muscle memory can pull your joints back out of alignment.  Your spine can settle back into its old pattern.

So, what steps can YOU take to lengthen the time between your back adjustments?

Stick to the Plan

Healing is a process.  The damage to your spine and joints didn’t happen overnight.  It accumulated over a period of time, and it takes a bit of time to return to a more normal function.  The healing process will also take time.  Luckily, each visit builds on the one before, and each adjustment will last longer than the prior one.  Once you finish your treatment plan, you’re muscles will be “re-trained” – keeping your joints in alignment.

Stay Active After an Adjustment

Avoid sitting for a long period of time immediately following your chiropractic adjustment.  Back adjustments Back adjustment olathe kscreate movement.  This restores motion and frees up areas of the spine that are locked up.  Enjoy this extra mobility.  Go for a walk, spend a few minutes at the park or take a short bike ride.  If you’re recovering from a specific injury, ask your chiropractor forexercises that specifically address that area of the body, and (here’s the kicker) do them.

Drink. Drink. Drink. (Water)

You should drink half your body weight in ounces.  If you weigh 140 pounds, drink at least 70 ounces of water each day.

Sleep on Your Side or Back

We spend 7-9 hours each night sleeping.  Choose a pillow that conforms to the curve in your neck.  Ordinary pillows are all one height.  This puts pressure on your neck as you sleep – especially back-sleepers.  Memory foam pillows are a great choice!  They are thicker on one side and allow your head to drop down on the other.  This makes your head even with your shoulders.  Your chiropractor may also have suggestions for good pillows.

Pull out Your Wallet

No, not just to buy something.  Pull it out when you’re sitting, especially in the car.  A wallet in your back pocket forces one hip to sit higher than the other.  Uneven hips put strain on your low back, making it more likely that you’ll be seeking back pain relief again soon.

Sit Right

If you’re sitting at a computer, move your monitor up so that you’re looking straight ahead at the screen.  Your elbows should be to your side at a 90 degree angle, and your feet should rest flat on the floor.  Positioning your body correctly, especially if you must maintain that position for a long period of time, can minimize muscle strain and help you to maintain correct alignment.

back adjustments relief tipsFix Your Rear View Mirror

After your back adjustment, sit properly in your car and look at your rear view mirror.  Position it so that you can see clearly.  Then, the next time you get in, don’t adjust the mirror.  Adjust your body position.  This will help you to maintain proper posture while driving.

Becoming a helpful participant in maintaining a healthy spine will train your muscles and joints to retain proper alignment.  This protects you from injury by aligning the joints in your spine in their strongest position and ultimately keeps you from an endless cycle of injury.

BY  JUNE 24, 2014

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