Lower Back Pain and Disuse/Deconditioning

Jan 3, 2016


From the desk of Dr Bradley Frick Naples Chiropractor


Many people suffer from chronic lower back pain.  Some due to an acute injury that wasn’t rehabilitated correctly, and some from continual disuse.  In the end, deconditioning is a common issue.  Most people have sedintary jobs, constantly in the seated position.  They have their legs bent, not using their core muscles. This weakens your core, shortens your hamstrings and hip flexors.  If you are unable to perform a simple Bridge Position, Side Plank, Front Plank and hold it for 30 seconds, you are in a deconditioned state that will make your back pain more exacerbated.  If you experience cramping while performing these exercises, that is normal.  Your muscles are being used properly for the first time, and cramping is common.


If you would like to learn more, read the below article.


Disuse and Deconditioning

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