Skeptical About Chiropractic – Not Anymore

Aug 26, 2019

This testimonialis written in regards to Dr Bradley Frick.  I know some people are skeptical of chiropractic services as was I.  After having severe pain in my shoulder on a constant basis i had to get it looked at  I chose Dr Frick to get a few adjustments to hopefully take care of the problem.  Thsi unfortunately had in immeidate results so Dr Frick recommended i get an MRI.  So i did.  The results were degenerative disc disease and an orthopedic surgeon said it would probably lead to surgery.  This is the last thing i wanted to doso Dr Frick suggested Vax-D which takes the pressure off the disc without surgery.  As of this testimonial i have had 7 treatments and the results have been fabulous.  I am not 100% yet, but am getting better with each treatment.  I would highly suggest seeing Dr Frick before choosing ther more serious methods of pain reduction or surgery.  


Update after the full 24 treatments, i have full resolution of my neck issues, and perform at home cervical traction and at home exercises shown to me by Dr Frick to maintain my pain free life.  


Frank F.

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