TMJ Syndrome

Nov 27, 2016

From the desk of Dr Bradley Frick Chiropractor in Naples Florida


Often time in neck pain, auto accidents or headache cases the jaw or Temporomandibular joint is overlooked.  Symptoms caused by TMJ dysfunction include headache, facial pain, hearing pain, sleep disorders, TMJ injuries have been shown to appear second to cevical injuries in workplace injuries and auto accidents. Primary complaints for TMJ is pain on jaw movement.  Unilateral joint noise.  limited range of motion, pain on maseter palpation, habitually clench and grind teeth unknowingly, oral habits excessive gum chewwing, biting nails, tongue cheeks, lips.  Other signs and symptoms include tinnitus, vertigo, hearing loss, ear pain and stuffiness in the ear.  Most people will have crepitation with range of motion of the jaw.  Paients who are asymptomatic will have some crepitus – between 40 and 60%.  Cranial nerves 5 and 7 are very closely related with the TMJ, and has a large impact on their performance.

There are gentle adjustment techniques, myofacial release and at home exercises that can be performed to help with this condition.  Wearing of night mouth guards help prevent permenant enamel damage, but dont treat the underlying causes.

To learn more see the following link.  TMJ Treatment

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