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X-Rays taken at Collier Chiropractic of Naples, FlInitially, a detailed history and examination is performed on each patient. If necessary, X-rays are taken in our in-office X-ray facility and a detailed analysis of these X-rays will be used in order to determine the correct adjustments to be administered. Patients are often given physical therapy, soft tissue therapy and a chiropractic skeletal adjustment, after reviewing the X-rays.

Chiropractors focus on dysfunctions that can result from irregularities of skeletal structure or movement. We rely heavily on hands-on procedures to determine structural and functional problems, and we use a wide variation of techniques to promote normal bodily function, by correcting or preventing these structural deviations. The principal procedure used by us is a form of manipulation known as Adjustment that refers to a variety of manual mechanical interventions.

There are hundreds of ways or techniques that can be used to professionally adjust the skeleton. We are highly skilled in a variety of adjustment procedures and will select the methods that are most suitable for your age, body type and condition.

Home exercise and professional advise is given along with a conservative yet effective treatment plan. Previous doctor treatment records and/or procedures are often acquired to facilitate diagnosis and treatment, and to minimize repeat testing.

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